About Us

Dear reader,

We would like to introduce us, Tanja and Michael, to you shortly and concisely. We are the people behind SOPHIA PERLA, and we are also a private couple.


Before I founded SOPHIA PERLA, I worked for more than 12 years in various fashion stores. With great pleasure I advised and dressed women. Many women know exactly what they want and do not want, another group of women is rather reserved. My challenge was to listen carefully and give individual advice. The positive feedback not only gave me satisfaction but also confirmed my empathy towards the customer in relation to fashion. Thanks to SOPHIA PERLA, I can develop my ideas about fashion further. This gives me a lot of energy so that I can develop a fashionable top collection four times a year.


Like Tanja, I also worked for years in the textile industry. Unlike Tanja, however, I was working as a product manager. My primary task was to organize and monitor the production process with respect to delivery time and quality. I was regularly abroad to look for new substances and to monitor the production process. For example, I gained a lot of experience in efficiency and quality. This experience has helped me enormously, because of this SOPHIA PERLA stands for high-quality fashion at an affordable price.

Our goal

Of course, we also have to generalize sales in order to live our dream. Our starting point, however, is simple and difficult at the same time. With SOPHIA PERLA we try to bring a high-quality, fashionable and affordable product to the market. Our aim is to give our customers an exclusive feeling. What distinguishes us is that we are convinced of our vision that quality can certainly be affordable. Our sales figures confirm us the same every year.